Ransom of Talnivarr, Has just reformed in Cata after its break since ICC, We aim to become one of the best on the server as we did in WoTLK. If you think you have what it takes to be part of Ransom make an apply in the forums!
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 [Accepted]Sophe, Marksmanship hunter - Talnivarr EU

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PostSubject: [Accepted]Sophe, Marksmanship hunter - Talnivarr EU   Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:07 pm


General Information

- Character Name: Sophe

- Class and Level: Hunter

- Spec: Marksmanship

- Professions: Leatherworking, Engineering

- Armory Profile (Please link): Click Here!

- Other Characters (80+):
Soph -Feral druid dps, basically the character which i have been raiding with since i started playing in TBC.
Poutana -Dps/tank Death Knight
Absorb -Discipline/Shadow Priest

- Previous Guilds: Have played in Army, School bus and Uprising (which i was core) back in TBC, then joined Chop Chop when Wotlk hit, followed by the mighty Crab People, Epiphany, then took a break due to irl issues, and came back rejoining the new to me Chop Chop, 2 months ago.

- Why did you leave last Guild?: I haven't leave, just joining on this character to raid since Chop Chop has stopped raiding.

- Is this your account and you have worked this char to lvl 80 and collected the gear it has? Sure it is.

- Previous MMORPGs: None, never knew what mmorpg was before i started WoW.

- What is your rotation/priority order in a normal boss encounter? Missdirect, serpent sting, burst macro (rapid fire, call of the wild and kill command), chimera, aimed shot, steady shot x4 or 5 accordingly, chimera and aimed again, readiness when rapid goes off and rinse and repeat. Fuck sucks to write down your rotation, i would prefer to just show you ingame tbh Razz

- Why have you chosen to play this spec, and explain your talent choices? Marksmanship is the highest damage output spec for a hunter nowadays, have gone 3/3 Focused Aim to be hit capped, so changed the spec a bit, using 1/2 Focused Fire, 1/2 Rapid Recuperation.

Personal Information

Q: How old are you?: 18

Q: Nationality?: Cyprus

Q: Pre-TBC raid experience: None, i wasn't playing Vanilla

Q: TBC-raid experience: Everything fully cleared and 4/6 SWP pre-nerf

Q: WotLK-raid experience:
Naxx 25man / 10man Cleared
Malygos 25man / 10man Cleared
Sartharion 3D 25man / 10man Cleared
Ulduar 25man / 10man Cleared (Full hard modes, Glory achievements done both on 25man / 10man, Algalon 10man, 9% try 25man with CP, next week down i wasn't in the guild.)
ToGC 25man 4/5, Epiphany just didn't seem to kill it, we just couldn't i don't know.
ToGC 10man 5/5 Insanity
ICC 25man Cleared (9/12 Hard modes)
ICC 10man Cleared (11/12 Hard modes, Glory achievement acquired)
Ruby Sanctum 25man Cleared

You said that writing yes/no would propably get the apply declined but here it goes:
Q: Do you have Ventrilo v3.x?: Yes yes

Q: Do you have a microphone to go along with that? Yes

Q: Would you be able to spend an entire evening just trying and learning an encounter? With School Bus we were trying for 3 weeks on first boss in SWP. I have been raiding hardcore for 2 years and more, that is not an issue trust me

Q: Also would you be willing to join a raid late even if it was to 11/12? Yes yes, no problem with it.

Q: If we are close to getting a boss down would you be willing to stay past the set raid time end of 23:30? yes again.

Q: Will you turn up to every wednesday and thursday raid? Sure thing.

Q: Do you try and keep up to date with current theory on your class? I have been always using Elitist Jerks for all my characters to check theorycrafting and watch the best specs, gear, rotations etc.


* Do you have any other open applications with any other guilds at this time? Nope

* Why do you want to join Ransom? I just wanna join a guild at the moment instead of doing noting in Chop Chop, so you would be a nice choice for me, and i would be a nice choice to fill your spots Razz

* People in Ransom that you know? None actually, just noticing some in the Cities etc.

* IRL interests, hobbies, work, girl/boyfriend, school etc: I have a stable GF for 2years, going to school, studying at LSE ecomonics in 3 years, playing the guitar and off course watching as much movies as i can.

* Why should we consider recruiting you? You should consider recruiting me because i am a dedicated player, always trying to out perform anyone other in a raid at all costs, even with my alts, even on a shit icc pug. I just love not being a retarded while playing the game. Raiding Experience and the dedication i show to my characters (Especially my druid which is my favorite of all times) should make you understand why you should recruit it.

Thanks for reading through my application. kisses
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Sophe, Marksmanship hunter - Talnivarr EU   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:40 pm

very nice application, you seem like a player who knows what he is doing aslo which is good, in your application you said your feral druid is your favourite char if im not mistaken and we also need a feral druid dps, your hunter is also nice geared which with a good player will put out some nice dps i am going to Accept you and i am going to give you the choice of which char you join on, pm me in game for an inv and welcome to ransom (btw choose your druid Razz)
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[Accepted]Sophe, Marksmanship hunter - Talnivarr EU
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