Ransom of Talnivarr, Has just reformed in Cata after its break since ICC, We aim to become one of the best on the server as we did in WoTLK. If you think you have what it takes to be part of Ransom make an apply in the forums!
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 [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:11 am

- Character Name: Salt

- Class and Level: Warlock 80

- Spec: Affliction

- Professions:
Tailoring 450
Enchanting 450
Fishing 450
First Aid 450
Cooking 450

- Armory Profile (Please link):

- Other Characters (80+):
Salter hunter 5,8k gs, pug and alt run character:
Allso got other alts but they are not on Talnivarr and not worth to mention.

- Previous Guilds on Talnivarr:
Have only been member on Gubbarna on Talnivarr. As ive not been on Talnivarr for a long time.

- Previous Guilds on Darksorrow:
Chapter Four-> In this guild i raided Totc, this was a successful started by me and some friends + another friend group on the server. we had 1 of the servers first sarfang normal 25m kills. I was warlock CL in this guid
Ols-> As Chapter Four disbanded i joined Ols where i allso was CL. We had problems at 25m progress and didnt do good (25m) progress. Our core group on the other hand had 1 of the server best 10m hc progressions, we did 9/12 hc with 5% hellscream buff.
Restless-> Ols dibanded and i joined Restless (4-days a week raiding guild) witch was one of the top 25m progress guilds on Darksorrow at that time. We progressed 6/12 hc with 10% hellscrem buff and then 8/12 downing Sarfang and Queen with 15% buff.

- Why did you leave last Guild?:
Gubbarna-> I would leave this guild if i get accepted. First of all because its a swedish guild and im norwegian and because the progress is slow and raid doesnt get pulled off because of to few people etc. I would like to change to a more stable raiding guild with more dedicated members.
Chapter Four-> this guild disbanded when a free transfer to other servers opened up and many of the members used this free transfer as they wasnt satisfied with Darksorrow.
Ols-> this guild disbanded because of bad 25m progress.
Restless-> I left this guild because i wanted to play with IRL friends at Talnivarr. And allso because i knew that i would be gone a great part of the summer, and because i didnt want to be bound to a guild during the summer.

- Is this your account and you have worked this char to lvl 80 and collected the gear it has?

- Previous MMORPGs: I have been gameing alot of Call of Duty (mostly MW) aswell as Battlefield, Halo and alot of strategy games like Empiers etc. Donnu witch of them or if any of them is in the category MMORPG, but there u got a list of some games ive been playing at least.

- What is your rotation/priority order in a normal boss encounter?
Life tap (for SP buff) -> Shadow Bolt (Since this applys 5% critt debuff on target) -> Haunt (Applys debuff on target) -> Corruption (since it is the highest dmg spell and since haunt is in air at this point, Haunt will refresh Corr) -> Unstable Affliction (Since this is the second highest dot and since it got cast time witch will give the haunt time to be apply´d since it migth still have some air time at this point) -> CoA (Curse of Agnoy, last Dot to keep up).
I pop Potion of Speed before combat to get higher "Start dmg" since affliction dont have much start dmg. I later pop Potion of Wild Magic when BL since stacking this Dmg on top of extreme speed=loads of DPS.

- Why have you chosen to play this spec, and explain your talent choices?
I choose a 55/0/15+1 since this is the standerd affliction spec, the last talent witch is free to go anywhere i placed in Imp Drain Soul to get 10% less treath.

- Please link your UI, and list which addons are used below

Uploaded with

Click Zoom/Enlarge on UI^^

Shadowed Unit Frames
LM chat
Pocket plot
Sexy Maps
ACB cast bar
Atlas Loots

This UI keeps all of the important info (timers, threat, CDs, etc) in 1 area of the screen, and with minimalistic look and not alot of stuff that can draw my attention this makes me able to push maximum dps. I Use keybind for most of my "in combat spells" out of combat spells like Spell Stone, Portal etc is faded out aswell as some in Combat spell witch i dont need to watch the CD at.


Q: How old are you?: 18
Q: Nationality?: Norwegian
Q: Pre-TBC raid experience: None
Q: TBC-raid experience: None:(
Q: WotLK-raid experience: (EXPLAIN IN DETAIL) I started playing some weeks before Wotlk was released and. Some of my IRL firends with experience from TBC introduced me to raiding.
Wotlk Experience:
Naxx->10/25 cleared
Voa 10/25->cleared
OS 10/25->cleared
EoE 10/25->cleared
Ulduar, did some Ulduar bosses, but in this period i spent most of my time leveling my hunter. Done Glory of the Ulduar Raider in mosre recent patches.
Totc 10/25-> cleared
Totgc 10m-> 4/5 (4/5 1shotted)
Totgc25-> 1/5 (Both of the Totgc experiences is pre icc patch.
Onyxia 10/25-> cleared
Icc 10-> 12/12
Icc 25 11/12, have sadly never got the chance to down LK25, in Gubbarna because since it was allrdy down when i joined and with 2 raid days a week + that they progress HC modes witch dont leave time for LK. Same with my old guild Restless, as they downed LK only 1 time before spending all time on HC´s (this 1 time was a sunday when i was at work)
Icc 10m HC-> 9/12 all of this i did in Ols some with 5% buff and some with 10% buff.
Icc 25m HC-> 8/12 all of this done with 10% and 15% hellscream buff. If u look at my achievement for Crimson 25m hc you can see that it was done a long time ago^^
RS 10-> Not done RS10 as i dont need gear from that instance:P
RS25-> Cleared.

Q: Do you have Ventrilo v3.x?: jupp

Q: Do you have a microphone to go along with that? Ofc;) And i talk if necessary (not to shy) =)

Q: Would you be able to spend an entire evening just trying and learning an encounter? Yes i will, but i will allso use the time before raid to Watch tank spots guides.

Q: Also would you be willing to join a raid late even if it was to 11/12? yes.

Q: If we are close to getting a boss down would you be willing to stay past the set raid time end of 23:30? Yes, but not to long into the night, but an hour atleast.

Q: Will you turn up to every wednesday and thursday raid? Yes, but i cant raid on Sundays because i got work at that day. But ill keep the 66% of raid attendence witch is what you demand on your forums. The ammount of work i have to do vary and i should be able to attend some sunday raids. I play most other days aswell and can certainly join 10mans aswell as alt runs.

Q: Do you try and keep up to date with current theory on your class? Yes i allways keep myself updated, useing mostly Ej and Paragon-wow.com, ensidia.com as forums. I read all details not only about Affliction but about all lock specs, as i take a good deal of interest in my class.


* Do you have any other open applications with any other guilds at this time? Nope
* Why do you want to join Ransom? I wanna join a stable progress guild with good and dedicated players. aswell i want a guild witch i can start progressing Cataclysm with. I allso agree with your "read before applying" announcement and i picture myself to fit those agreements.
* People in Ransom that you know? None atm:( WTB friends xD
* IRL interests, hobbies, work, girl/boyfriend, school etc: I got to school and work in a local newspaper some days. As long as im playing wow i dont have time for other hobbies (Atleast not in a big scale).
* Why should we consider recruiting you? (Sell yourself... This is an important question):
I allways fulfilling my duty, and show up for raids in time and send a proper ingame mail to officer if i cant join a raid etc. Im a dedicated lock with loads of knowledge and interest in my class. I allso do good dps (done up to 15-16k on Icc 25m hc bosses, not counting Queen with bites).

I know that im a bit over hit cap atm, Aiming new Wrist or Back to fixs this problem, allso got loads of gear to swamp between in my bags.

Enjoy my apply:D
---> Salt
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:37 am

Sry for any sloppy english, Warlick apply for example, lol:P
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:10 pm

Hi there, you forgot your armorylink :http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&cn=Salt&gn=Gubbarna

Gearwise everything is ok, though couple of questions.

Why not gem sp/spi when you have the lifetap glyph?
I don't know all of your addons, but do you have an addon that tells you when to reapply corruption, incase of t10 4set proc?

Other than that, good luck on your apply, warlock brotha afro
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PostSubject: Salt   Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:37 am

Yeah a spirit gem in the legs and in the belt would maybe be a good idea (since ive been doing some PvP etc with the same gear pure SP have been the most flexible gem). And yeah i do have a addon that track set bonus proc^^

And allso it seems like the armory links vanished, for resonds unknown. They where there.
but here they are anyways:
Salt Warlock: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&cn=Salt
Saltere Hunter: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&cn=Saltere
thx for replying on my apply:D
--> Salt
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:35 am

Well, all looks good for me. Though its up to the officers. They will have an answer ready soon
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:36 pm

Our situation is a bit complicated at the moment with warlocks, pls /w me in game on

didskewl, dids, barbieqt, badcat, badcatqt, zombaddie Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:09 am

man i know this guys, get him asap in the guild , don't know shit about locs but he was really good when i lead an icc 25man, got quite impressed.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:19 am

Accepted, /w an officer in game for an inv
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PostSubject: Salt   Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:51 pm

Nice^^ ill do it first thing tomorrow
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!   

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[Accepted] Salt, warlick apply!
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