Ransom of Talnivarr, Has just reformed in Cata after its break since ICC, We aim to become one of the best on the server as we did in WoTLK. If you think you have what it takes to be part of Ransom make an apply in the forums!
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 [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior

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PostSubject: [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior   Mon May 24, 2010 11:53 am

- Character Name: Tormuk
- Class and Level: Warrior, 80
- Professions: BS 450/450 Mining 450/450
- Armory Profile: Other Characters (80+):
- Previous Guilds (Talnivarr): Insanity in Wonderland
- Why did you leave last Guild?: Log on today and gm had left along with all the officers ;p i was still on trial did 10 bosses in icc 10 with them one time before they disapeared o.O
- Is this your account and you have worked this char to lvl 80 and collected the gear it has? Yes
- Previous MMORPGs: Xbox Live ;p


Q: How old are you?: 19
Q: Nationality?: British
Q: Pre-TBC raid experience: MC Ful, BWL Full, AQ20 Full, AQ40 Full
Q: TBC-raid experience: Grulls Lair Full, Karahzan Full, SSC Full, TK Full
Q: WotLK-raid experience: Naxx 10/25 Full, OS 10/25 Full, EoE 10/25 Full, Onyxia 10/25 Full, Ulduar 10 13/14, Ulduar 25 9/14, Toct10/25 Full, ToGC 10 Full, ToGC 25 3/5, Icc 10 10/12, Icc25 10/12
Q: Do you have Ventrilo v3.x?: Yes
Q: Do you have a microphone to go along with that? Yes
Q: Would you be able to spend an entire evening just trying and learning an encounter? Ofc
Q: Also would you be willing to join a raid late even if it was to 11/12? Ofc
Q: If we are close to getting a boss down would you be willing to stay past the set raid time end of 23:30? Ofc
Q: Will you turn up to every wednesday and thursday raid? Ofc

* Do you have any other open applications with any other guilds at this time? No
* Why do you want to join Ransom? I want to join ransom because im looking for a guild with simular gear and skills so i can experience endgame content and become a kingslayer.
* People in Ransom that you know? No unfortunetly because i havent really made any friends since im guildless =( but havent made any enemies either >Smile Think ive pugged with afew members of your guild before in icc 10/25
* IRL interests, hobbies, work, girl/boyfriend, school etc: i enjoy playing tennis and football, lifting weights, xbox live, and i occasionally smoke pot ;P
* Why should we concider recruiting you? (Sell yourself... This is an important question): I think you should consider me because i can offer to be a dedicated skillful guildmember, with a sense of humor and a mature friendly attitude. I will be always prepared for all raids without fail and you will never see me complaining about repair bills . Im willing to go to lengths for progression, and im willing to be there for anyones needs above mine. i expect people to be mature and dedicated to like myself in progressing to our maximum capibility, and i belive Random is the perfect place for me to achive those goals! Il be online raid ready for every raid even if im not needed i wont cry if im a subsitute Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior   Mon May 24, 2010 1:16 pm

Dunno what happened to my armory link but here it is again :
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior   Tue May 25, 2010 1:39 pm

Hey there nice apply first of all!

Still cant see your Armory, I will try to look you up and hope your in fury gear Razz the only issue is I don't think we need anymore Fury warriors but I will check out your armory and speak with the other officers. We will be in contact.

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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior   Wed May 26, 2010 5:15 am

Really nice apply man, but we just dont have any spot for another fury warrior atm, you looked really good though. If we ever come short of a fury warrior i will conttact you in game and see if your interested but for now, sorry but Declined
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Application - Fury Warrior   

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[Declined]Application - Fury Warrior
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